Course restore skin

44h full course of conservation and restoration of the skin. In this course the student will be shown the great unknown skin is a rare material, but it is very present in all kinds of quotidian objects and also in the art world.

Open registration:

Open enrollment throughout the year for our courses consevación restoration and artwork, the registration period closes when all the seats of the course (maximum 10 persons / course) are covered.

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More information / / 93 301 54 99

Workshop of restoration of works of art in Barcelona

 Courses restoration of works of art in Barcelona

Courses and workshop restoration of works of art

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ECORE – School for the Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art

Ecore is a school located in Barcelona, which is devoted to the restoration and conservation of works of art. It has over two decades of experience in training and educating students to restore and conserve works of art, historic buildings and cultural heritage.

The school offers over 30 different courses, where a few of the highlights include: Painting restoration, sculpture restoration, furniture restoration, upholstery, restoration of archaeological pieces, stained-glass window restoration, paper and parchment document restoration, stone, fossil and bone material restoration, gilding and silver plating, and many more..



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